Before reading the FAQ, id personally like to take my time to say thank you for using Kwota. Whilst Kwota is a new product, our user database is growing at a rapid rate so we are expected to experience issues, if you find any or would just simply like to give us some feed back or suggestions, then we would be very happy to hear back from you. Below are some of the main questions we keep getting asked, so if you cant find your question below, then get in contact.

Once again, thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy using Kwota!

Sam Thomas, Creator or Kwota

What is Kwota?

A program thats been specifically tailored to suit you needs with pricing. It takes your individual products you offer to you customers and lets you put prices against them, it then lets you create a quote using these products. To make your life even easier, you can create different rooms and add all your products to each room using a quick search function. Quote’s can be produced in minutes.

Will the customer be able to see what i have quoted for?

Yes, in great detail. This is a key point to Kwota’s success. Once you have created a quote, you can then email the quote as a PDF directly to the client with one click. The client will see a full breakdown, room by room, of what you have included within you quote.

Can I charge different rates for different customers?

Yes. Kwota lets you build templates, templates are your list of products of which you can put custom prices against. You can create as many templates as you like for all your customers. for example, general public template might have your prices increased by 10%, where as you most loyal customer might have a 10% reduction in prices. All you need to do is select the template you wish to use when creating a new quote.

What if i want to offer more discount when I’m creating a quote?

There is a percentage box at the top of the quote of which you can apply and mark up or discount to that individual quote.

Is there a limit to how many rooms i can add into my quote?

Nope, add as many as you like.

Is there a limit to how many products i can add per room?

Nope, add as many as you like.

I would like to add a product to my quote thats not in my product list, do i have to add it to my product list before adding to my quote?

Most defiantly not, you can type you product into your product selection box during your quote, kwota will then prompt you with ‘Bespoke product’. You then have the option for kwota to automatically add the product to your product menu, or keep it to this particular quote. you can then put a price and quantity and carry on as normal.

Can I invite my co-workers to use my account so they can price work for me?

Of course, they can be invited in to your account so they can create quotes for you. You can also set different levels of authority so you can keep on top of whats being quoted for. For example, your can let them create quotes but not have the option to email them until you have checked them.

Can I add my logo so it will appear on the quotes?

Yes, under ‘My company’ tab you can edit all of you company information.

Can I add terms and conditions that will appear at the bottom of all my quote?

Yes, under ‘My company’ tab you can edit all of you company information.

Will I be able to see all of my projects for every customer at once?

Yes, under your projects tab. This will give you a full breakdown of what you have priced for.

Can I update the quote as the project moves along, so the customer can keep track of what additions/deductions have been made?

Of course, each time you edit a quote and save, the quote number will be updated with a V number, meaning the higher the V number, then newer the quote version. If i customer wants to know how her price has changed so much, then you can go to V1, right through to the current V number and show then where it has changed.

I’m struggling with something, do you have any contact details for technical questions?

We do indeed,