Who is team Kwota?

Meet Sam and Katie, a husband and wife duo, who live in Farnham, Surrey with their 2 children.

Sam has been an electrician for the past 16 years. He studied at basingstoke college of technology and done his apprenticeship through a large maintenance company. Once qualified, he decided to take the plunge on his own and start his own business. Young and amateur, he soon learnt the ways of the world as he progressed to build his electrical business. During the early years of owning an electrical business, one of Sams main issues was not the projects he was doing, but was with pricing to the win the projects in the first place. To make his life easier, he set upon pricing in a different manor, the price per point method. He found customers are so much more happier and comfortable with a price that is broken down to show all elements of the project, and also to keep them updated on any variations during the project, so he created a pricing spreadsheet to list all items that he plans to install and in what locations. At this point he was doing very large high end projects in central London, all priced of this spreadsheet, and being so young he often got asked from older contractors on site “how do you even price a job like this?!”. This is when the pin dropped… ‘if i can price like this, why cant anyone else? I can help sub-contractors take the plunge and go out alone and also help existing contractors to make their life easier and free up their time!?”… he then realised how much value the spreadsheet brought to the business, he also learnt that spreadsheets can be very complex. Formulas can change alot, and as the business grew, so did the formulas he was using. So after a chat with a good friend who already has a company in web design, he put him in contact with one of his developers and Kwota was born! 4 years later we are now at the point we are today, growing at a good rate with an excellent client base.

Katie comes from a completely different background. 15 years ago, she started her professional career working for a large IT firm, with her efforts focused on driving client retention and then moving into a business analyst role, improving business processes and optimising business platforms. In 2021 Katie decided to take the giant leap and join Sam on his new venture.