Getting start with Kwota pricing!


Getting started is designed to be as painless as possible by following our easy step by step process.

Your first step is to create your product list which will allow you to get pricing. This product list is simple! Its as easy as the products or services you would like to offer your customer. For example: an electrician would offer products such as a double socket, LED down lights, 1g switch etc. These items should be what you intend to install including materials, or if its labour only then its worth making a note such as ‘breeze block M2 not including materials.

To start adding your products ready for your quotes simply hit the button below;

Now you’ve created all your products and services you are now ready to move onto categorising these products into different templates for different customer types.

Creating your pricing templates

Templates are where you will allocate the price you charge to your products. You are able to create as many different templates as you need to cater for your different customer types. For example you may have one for ‘General public’ and then one for ‘Main contractor’ which you give a discount to.

When it comes to starting your quote this makes it a lot quicker as you select the template you require and the correct discounts are already set for you. We like to make things easy!

Adding pricing templates

Starting your quote

This is where you realise that Kwota is going to save you so much time when putting your quotes together!

  • Firstly you need to create a ‘customer’. This is self explanatory and can be completed by clicking on the customer tab and filling in their information.
  • Once the customer is set up you can allocate as many projects as you like against that customer. This is great for repeat business as you can monitor the success of that customer easily.
  • Now you need to hit the quote button and set up your first project
Creating your first quote

Now to create your first quote you will need to fill in the information below with the customer and the correct template for the project we created earlier.

Creating and sending your quote

Once you hit save your new quote will be ready to start inputting all the information you need. Simply hit the green + and start typing in your products you need. Kwota will also predict your products for you for even more speed!

Once you’ve put together your full quote and added any extra discount you would like to apply you’re ready to email it directly to the customer. This couldn’t be easier! Simply enter in the customers email address and hit the mail button to the right and like magic Kwota sends your quote directly to the customer in a professional PDF format.

Before sending the email you also have the option to preview your quote as a PDF for peace of mind.

There you have it, you have now set your first professional looking quote to your customer within minutes! No more messy paper quotes that take forever to write out just a professional PDF direct to your customer within minutes.

Thank for reading our latest blog post, be sure to keep an eye out for lots more useful tips on pricing and send out your quotes!