Quote more sell more! 5 steps to help build your electrical business!


Starting your own business is the goal for the majority of electricians, however most fear having to manage all your their quotes whilst completing the job can put most of. Whilst the ones that take the plunge can quickly become overwhelmed with the pressure of how much extra work can come with having your own business.

Below I have outlined 5 steps that helped me when I took the big step from securing more sales to the day to day running of multiple projects. With Kwota’s unique software these steps will help grow your business.

Kwota will help you to win business from getting out super fast quotes.

1. Know where your next customer is coming from!

The internet is where you are going to generate your business from. The days are long gone from relying on word of mouth or advertising in the local newspaper or yellow pages.

A huge percentage now ‘google’  their local electrician for their services. So how are you going to take advantage of this?

  1. You’re going to need to create your own professional website. By shopping around this isn’t going to cost you a small fortune but its definitely money well spent. Do some research for this service or you may even know someone who can do this for you? Ideally you are going to want someone who understands the electrical industry so that they can meet the needs of your business.
  2. Once your website is up and running you are going to need someone who understands the digital marketing world. Remember most customers now ‘google’ their local electrician.This is what you need to take advantage of! A digital marketing professional will be able to help your website rank no.1 on google when potential customers are searching for ‘local electrician in my area’ . This is going to give you the best chance of getting those enquiries in to quote for the business.

A new website and investment into digital marketing can be an a costly investment, however this really is going to give you the best change of getting you business off the ground.

2.  Look professional

First impressions count!

Before you have any contact with a potential customer they will have looked at you online and done some research on your business. Ensure your branding in consistent across your website, uniform and your van to build credibility.

Once you have the chance to price a job ensure all your potential customers are receiving a professional looking quote with your company logo on and NEVER a hand written messy quote! This will stand you head and shoulders above any competition by investing in the use of a trade pricing program.

Build credibly by adding testimonials and imagery to your website as well as on any leaflets you may be handing out.

Most importantly always remember we are carrying out work within peoples homes so make sure you present yourself in a professional, trustworthy way.

3. Manage customer expectations

The main reason why business’s fail is due to poor management of their customer expectations or over promising services they simply cannot deliver.

When you have the opportunity to quote for any job you need to be talking to customer about time frames and what the job will involve from the very first conversation. By managing these expectations you will avoid any confrontation later down the line if something were to happen you can simply explain the reasons for this and deal with the problem effectively.

Never over promise! If you over promise on something you know you simply cannot deliver you are creating problems from day one and will loose all credibility when confronted with the situation.

Remember a customer is simply looking for the job they need completed to be done professionally, and within a suitable timeframe, so be honest and open with them from the start of the process.

4. Use the correct suppliers

Your customers are looking for the best quality at the best value.

They aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest product as no one wants a cheap fix for any electrical problem, but everyone wants to think they are getting the best deal possible.

So how do you keep your customer happy as well as maintaining a profit for the business?

Choosing the right supplier will help you achieve this.

The best suppliers will offer you reliable, durable products at better than market prices making it easier for you to be competitive with your quotes against the competition.

It’s highly likely you are going to need to shop around to find the most competitive prices for you products. Trying to find a one stop shop that can supply all lighting and socket solutions at the best possible price is a near impossible, so make sure your keeping up to date with the electrical industry and also an eye out for the best deals.

5. Employ the right people

As your business grows you may want to look to take on some extra staff, but remember who you employ will represent you and your business.

Before agreeing to take anyone on make sure that you have held an interview so you can first make sure that they will fit into your business. Also make sure that you have done a full back ground check on the person as well as ensuring they hold the correct qualifications to carry out the job they have been employed for.

This part also depends on how you are as a leader. You are going to have to keep your staff happy and motivated to work for you. Make sure you are offering incentives such as bonuses for completing jobs well or team nights out to keep the morale hight amongst the staff. Let us help you achieve the points above

Let us help you with our FREE pricing software!

Kwota is a FREE trade pricing software built by a tradesman. Kwota will allow you to manage your business in one place by getting out super quick professional quotes to all your customers, as well as being able to provide job sheets to your staff so they know what needs to be completed on each job.