The final steps to pricing like a pro tradesman

Hi, We’re Kwota, and thanks for reading our blog.

We’re helping tradies get more time on the tools doing what you to best! Here’s what makes us stand out from the rest;

– Kwota has been designed by a tradie for tradies.
– Its super quick and easy to use. 
– You can simply switch between rates for your different customer types with our template system.

With Kwota you can manage all your customers in one place and send them your quotes direct from the website. Once you have created your unique pricing templates you can switch between your different customer types.

For example you may have a template named ‘General Public’ and another ‘Regular builder’ which allows you to set your products at different prices for each template! This makes your life alot eaiser as you won’t have to manually adjust the prices for each quote. You then just need to apply the template to the customer and your off!
Remember to get in contact, we’d love to hear from you. Kwota has grown from strenth to strenth helping thousands of different users along the way, and we have only been able to do that with your feedback. So please get in touch with anything you’d like to see added to Kwota and we’ll try our best to build it in.

Phone: 07515 409724

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