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Every day more and more contractors are signing up to Kwota to help build their business. Time is money; Kwota appreciates this and was created to give you as much time as possible to concentrate on the important points of growing a successful business

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Amazing Features

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    Set up your account

    Create your account, set up your product list and you are ready.

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    Create Template

    A template is where you add unit costs. You can create as many templates as you like for individual customers. This is perfect if you charge different customers different values.

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    Create Quotes

    You can create quotes within minutes, see the history of how a quote has changed, apply discounts, apply mark up, download as a PDF, and send direct to the customer with one click.

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    Manage your projects

    From Kwota you can manage all your projects, being able to filter by reference, customer, dates….

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    Time saving

    Create and send a beautiful broken down easy to read quote within minutes!

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    Share with your team

    Invite your work mates to Kwota and start working collaboratively.

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